The Story.

Savor Success Circles is for the woman entrepreneur who is creating and growing a sustainable mission-driven business. Thousands of women have participated in Circles and have launched new revenue streams, conferences, and books.

Who is the Savor woman?

  • She's a lifetime learner
  • She savors community
  • She takes time for supreme self care
Because what’s the point of success, if you’re not having fun?

Who is Angela Jia Kim?

Angela has been featured on MSNBC, The Today Show, Fox Business, and WPIX as a go-to business expert. She created an organic skincare line in 2009, and has since launched a Dollars & Scents program to employ women transitioning back to the work force, and is opening her third eponymous spa location in New York this spring. 

In 2016, Angela rebranded as Savor Beauty and has been a press darling for simplifying Korean Beauty rituals into a New York Minute. Angela is passionate about growing Savor Beauty, ridding the world of toxic ingredients one cream at a time, and uses it as an incubator to teach other entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses and to savor life.

A message from Angela:

we can include a message on getting the most out of circles, or how much it has transformed people's businesses, xoxo Angela. 


With Savor Success Circles, you get behind-the-scenes access to Savor founder Angela Jia Kim's approach to business, have a tribe of women that get you, and use a proven system that works.

Here's what others are saying: 

Holy **** Angela! This checkin came at such the perfect time for me. You are such a wonderful mentor and I am beyond grateful for you sharing this wisdom and insight. For me, this post alone is worth any amount I have invested this far into Savor. As a solo esthetician who is currently striving to scale and grow my business (under construction for expansion, conducting interviews and hustling however I can) this information is so valuable. What a way to start my morning. So many lightbulbs going off for me right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy Friday to you!
— Valerie D.
I am thrilled at how positive this group is and how the stereo-typical “cattiness” that can occur with groups of women is not present at all and that there is no male bashing either!
— Julie G.
I found the Circle to be very beneficial to not only my business but to me personally. There is so much I want to do and I feel like my Circle is allowing me to see and move forward completing those tasks.
— Shanae' L.
I honestly can’t imagine trying to do this without them.
— Mary M.
Everyone has been an incredible support system for each other and honest and respectful to one another. While we are diverse in many ways, these qualities are a common thread that keeps it real!
— Victoria V.
We had our 2nd mastermind in person, which was AMAZING- it really helped us to get to know each other and to spend more time on one another’s businesses.
— Shani D.

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