Manifest Method Coaching: Alyssa Snow

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Alyssa Snow MMC bio pic.jpeg

Manifest Method Coaching: Alyssa Snow

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Zones of Genius: Profitability + Finance; Yoga + Meditation; Brick + Mortar; Membership Programs

Awareness of where you are establishes a clear path to get you where you want to be. In business and in life.

Alyssa Snow is a Certified Manifest Method Method Coach and has been a certified yoga teacher for over a decade. She is passionate about helping people live their full potential both professionally and personally. Alyssa believes that spiritual growth (or personal growth) is business growth. When we thrive, so does our business.

Alyssa has a business degree with a focus on accounting and finance. She has over 15 years experience in corporate finance and operations and has been running MindbodySoul Yoga Studio, a successful brick and mortar business in NYC, for almost 7 years. Alyssa's zone of genius is in assessing and tracking numbers. Our numbers tell the many stories of our business. They tell of profitability, client retention, the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing, and more. In order to grow, we have to have a clear understanding of where we are and the finances of our business tell us that.

When working with private clients, Alyssa's approach is spiritual yet incredibly grounded. Beginning with a focus on the present moment. Before we dive into steps to manifest visions and goals, Alyssa's approach is to clearly access the reality of where their client is now. Gently and firmly, Alyssa will guide her client through establishing an awareness of what is and is not working to expand upon what works and understand the source of obstacles and blocks.

Once this awareness has been established; the magic of manifesting becomes easy. Alyssa's passionate about helping her clients break through obstacles, create goals that help them to take their business to the next level by mapping actionable blueprints to achieving these goals.

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