Manifest Method Coaching: Cheryl Marks Young

2016-January-23 Cheryl Marks Young Bio Photo.jpg
2016-January-23 Cheryl Marks Young Bio Photo.jpg

Manifest Method Coaching: Cheryl Marks Young

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Zones of Genius:  Leadership, Strategic Partnerships, Communication, Networking & Connecting, Storytelling in Business – Selling Your ROI, Financial Forecasting & Business Planning, Creativity and Stretching Time to be able to live a Full and Complete Life.
As a professional coach, national speaker, entrepreneur, and senior non-profit executive, I help successful women and forward-thinking organizations achieve their fullest potential.

What's holding you back from being the best that you can be? Often, the seemingly insurmountable obstacles we face in our careers and lives can be solved through insightful analysis and supportive coaching. I have worked with countless professionals to overcome challenges, break through six-figure and seven-figure barriers, and pave the way to attaining their career goals.

My achievements include:

► Supporting and guiding countless professionals to overcome challenges and accelerate their careers. I help talented women understand their unique value and craft their personal blueprints, success stories, and business plans.

► Helping managers and executives strengthen their effectiveness through proven leadership strategies. I coach leaders on developing high-performing teams, turning difficult employees into superstars, clearly communicating visions, and achieving organizational objectives.

► Transforming mediocre organizations into leading divisions and companies through "psychological forecasting," innovative workforce management strategies, and leadership development programs.

► Publishing articles and speaking nationally on diverse topics including Business Acumen, Leadership, Strategic Communication, Motherhood, and Work-Life Balance.

As the Chief Finance Officer of a $117 Million Non-Profit Organization, I have played a key role in strengthening the organization's financial foundation through strategic planning and sound fiscal policy. I serve as member of the senior executive team, where I work collaboratively with top leaders to ensure the attainment of our mission and growth objectives.

Where are you in your process to navigate toward your goals? I am here to help.

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