Manifest Method Coaching: Kerry Connelly

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Manifest Method Coaching: Kerry Connelly

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Zones of Genius: Sales + Leadership; Direct Sales; Clarity + Strategy; Time Management; Writing 

Manifest your dream business and life to create profits! 

Kerry Connelly is a Certified Manifest Method Coach and Certified Human Behavior Specialist, and is passionate about helping people create successful businesses that are profitable and in alignment with their mission. 

Kerry has over twenty-five years of experience in the corporate, direct selling and non-profit arenas, and is the founder and CEO of Vision to Mission, a coaching and consulting company dedicated to serving women entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of DoveWriters, The Christian Writer's Incubator.

Kerry helps her clients lead and sell better by understanding their own communication style and how to tailor that style to their client's needs. When working with private clients, Kerry’s approach is comfortable yet accountable — in other words, she’s ready for action and assumes her client’s are, too. Still, she creates a safe place to explore and clarify vision and goals, and believes that we all “fail forward to success.” She loves to work with entrepreneurs to help them develop their ideas and manifest them into reality, and firmly rejects the excuses her clients use to stay safe and play small.

Just as passionate about helping teams work cohesively and productively, Kerry loves working with executives and managers to develop individual team members for ultimate success. Using her expertise in DISC personality profiles, Kerry can help teams get healthy and work better by maximizing individual’s unique talents, skills, and style. She specializes in working with CEOs to develop and refine their sales force training and recruitment strategies. 

Kerry offers an intensive 3-month package, which you can join here.

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