PR: Pitch Perfect with Sharon (Fashion)


PR: Pitch Perfect with Sharon (Fashion)


Sharon is the Senior Style Editor at InStyle; previously she was at (Fun: you'll see her doing live coverage at the events like the Oscars!)

It is highly recommended that you take PR School before scheduling a coaching call to ensure you make the best first impression and get the most from your session. 

Savor provides exclusive access to high-caliber magazine editors who provide insider feedback on your brand and/or pitches. Book a 60-minute session or one of the "Done for You" Pitch Packages. 

"She wrote my pitches for me, complete with subject lines! I love having templates to work off of so it was super helpful! The whole call was awesome, she so was insightful."—Rachel Mednick, founder, Lucy & Leo

"Sharon was great. I liked how she said things like they were, no candy coating. Lots of VERY helpful information and constructive criticisms."—Christine Demaras, founder, Body Force Brands

"It was so helpful watching Sharon write a pitch—it made me realize how casual and conversational a pitch can be."—Tania Arrayales, CMO of StyleLend

"Sharon quickly narrowed in on what is most interesting about my product., and then wrote a pitch for me that she would want to get. Boom!" —Terri Kelly, founder of terrikelly flip flops

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