A little about your 90-Day Mentor (that's me!) 

For those of you who are new to Savor Success Circles, welcome home. It can be lonely at the top, but when you realize there are other women dreamers just like you, suddenly the process gets a lot more fun. 

My name is Angela Jia Kim, and I'm a former concert pianist, mom to the love of my life (Sienna, age 8, who loves candy and dogs), wife to the other love of my life (Marc, Swiss web tech developer who loves to make beer). 

I am also the founder of Savor Beauty + Spa, a natural skincare and organic spa inspired by the Korean beauty rituals I grew up with.

We have three locations in New York City's West Village, Upper West Side and the Hudson Valley where we make the products. I now have around 25 employees. 

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I made my products in my kitchen about 9 years ago as a clueless-and-passionate beauty lover. Fast forward after many "OMG, WTF am I doing?" moments: we are now expanding into Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and QVC in 2018. I finally got my act together, and I attribute much of this success to my 7-Figure Circle (thank you, Julie, Victoria, Traci!) I've been with for years now. 

I built my company by putting $60K onto credit cards and promised myself that if I failed, I would sell our apartment. (My husband may not have known this plan... 🙀)

The best business advice I ever got was from my husband's old boss: "When you make more money, you get to buy bigger toys." Cash flow is a serious game, my friends. 

The second best business advice came from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car dude who drives you to their centers: "Always have a Plan A, but then you gotta always have a Plan B, Plan C, and a Plan D." I think he was trying to give me boyfriend advice, but I subscribe to this in business. It's the mindset of abundance and planting "seeds" daily. 

The third best business advice came from a Preschool director: "Manage agreements, not people." Succinct and to the point. This was the beginning of my Expectations + Agreements process that has been a savior for sanity. 

So I'm not the business prodigy that built an empire overnight and made millions. It's been a slow and steady process, trial and error, failures and successes. 

I'm loving my #gorgeouschaos and can't wait to help you to organize yours, too. 

Week #1: Post Your 90-Day Visions!

Here we go with Week #1: Declare Your 90-Day Visions!

Before we begin, let's do a quick checklist: 

1. GET TO KNOW YOUR CIRCLE PRESIDENT BECAUSE SHE'S AWESOME! If you are new to Circles, have you connected with your President to get the lay of the land? If not, please reach out to her and to rachel@savorthesuccess.com!

2. SET YOUR FOUNDATION BY KNOWING THE RULES OF THE ROAD! Have you read your Circles 101 Welcome Kit (which outlines everything from A to Z to get the most out of your Circles experience)?

3. REACH OUT TO OUR TEAM! If at any time you feel lost or need support, please reach out to our amazing team. Your PRESIDENT has been a part of Circles for at least two rounds (some have been a part of Circles for 4+ years!). 

By Angela Jia Kim, Savor Beauty + Spa

By Angela Jia Kim, Savor Beauty + Spa


Every Monday and Friday, I will pop up in your inbox to share my personal ups and downs with you all. I trust that you keep it strictly confidential.

Why would I share such personal stuff? Because I want to de-mystify that "success" is a shiny thing that happens to shiny people. 

I make a lot of mistakes, but one thing I do well is flip failure into success simply by picking up a different lens to see a fresh perspective or a new possibility. 

I want to connect with each and every one of you. I host a monthly OPEN OFFICE video coaching session with Circle members. I strongly encourage you to come with your current business blockers. I can see what's blocking you and give you really simple and easy steps to unlock your potential. 

Plus, on these calls, you will meet amazing women who will connect you with other women.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, and you are here for a reason!

My 90-Day Vision

If you haven't done so yet, do the powerful exercises I sent to you last week! You will feel like a million bucks when you have sky-high clarity.

I feel... LOVE
That overflows with creativity, presence, breath. 


Content: Carve out dedicated time to create kick-ass creative content. 

Communication: Daily communication of this content via all social channels. 

Connection: Ignite "mini-Oprahs" to love and share Savor Beauty. 

Personal Statement: 

  • I am the boss and mentor I want to have. 
  • I assume positive intent from others. 
  • I lead with my creed. 
  • I organize my #gorgeouschaos so I can lead with presence and intention. 

Ready to rumble and roll? 

I'm not playing it safe.

You're not playing it safe.

WE are playing full on, full out. 

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angela cab.png


Here's your 90-Day Vision template:

  • I feel: ____________________
  • My theme for the next 90 days is: ____________________
  • In 90 days, I will accomplish: ____________________
  • I will savor life by: ____________________

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