Angela’s beauty brand and spas have now expanded and are constantly featured on TV and in major media outlets such as The New York Times, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, SELF, Allure, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and more.

Now you, too, can learn the proven “secret sauce” behind her successful Savor lifestyle brand, her signature leadership style, and her ability to bring dreams to life. Now Angela will be sharing The Manifest Method with you LIVE in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Manifest your dream business (and life)
  • Answer the question, "Where do I want to be in 5 years?" with clarity 
  • Learn to think like with a top CEO millionaire's mindset
  • Identify what is holding you back and breakthrough the blockers
  • Get more done in less time
  • Break goals down and have more fun accomplishing them
  • Reduce overwhelm with tried-and-true systems and templates
  • Experience a quantum leap in revenue + profit
  • Become a magnetic connector and influencer
  • Coaches can opt to get certified, learn business and leadership skills, and get instant referrals from Savor the Success. 
The Manifest Method program is an amazing and fun way to plan your business with intention! My husband just signed a contract last week with a major Fortune 500 company because of what he learned only 3 months ago!
— Shasta Nelson, GirlfriendCircles.com


Week 1: Lay the Foundation
Learn the Laws of Manifesting and lay the foundation to designing a profitable business.

Week 2: Get into the CEO's Millionaire Mindset
Learn how a successful entrepreneur thinks to succeed. Get practical tools and done-for-you templates. 

Week 3: Create the Vision
Where will you be in 5 years? Get clarity to this question as you work with Angela to create your 5 year vision plan.


Week 4: Make a Blueprint
This week you’ll learn how to create a master plan and road map that works including a step-by-step process for implementing daily action steps. 

Time to do a check-in and ask any questions you may have so Angela can put her brains on your business. 

Week 6: Take Action
This week you'll learn how strategies on how to be more productive, increase clarity, and measure your results.


Week 7: Motivation strategies and create your $1M rolodex
Learn the proven formula to maintain a Millionaire’s Mindset as you implement the tools and resources in your daily life.

Live mastermind for those who want to break through obstacles and challenges. 

Ongoing Support: 
After the course, you can apply for more opportunities, including getting your Manifest Method Certification for referrals from Savor the Success. 


  • Doers who want to be aligned with purpose 
  • Brick & Mortar owners who need real nuts-and-bolts advice to stay open and profitable
  • Authors who understand that they are a business, too! 
  • Coaches who want to build a scalable business that goes beyond 1:1 sessions or get certification for referrals
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to sell without feeling like it's selling
  • Business owners who want to understand charismatic branding to attract ideal customers
  • Influencers who want to build a raving fan base
What I love about The Manifest Method and Angela Jia Kim is that she’s a not a coach who just mentors others. She built a successful beauty business and now she’s giving back by teaching others how to do the same. Her tried-and-true advice works and has helped me tremendously. You have coaches who don’t have real-life experience, and you have millionaire entrepreneurs who don’t care about helping others. Angela cares enough about business owners to create a methodology so others can replicate her success, and that’s one in a million right there.
— Traci Bild, Bild & Co.

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"If Kim were a Hollywood personality, she would be considered a Triple Threat..." - Entrepreneur.com


Angela Jia Kim is a former award-winning concert pianist, successful eco-beauty entrepreneur, and mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs. She used her Manifest Method to create the Savor lifestyle brand, building it from scratch to seven figures without business experience or startup capital. She hosts an annual conference in New York City for hundreds of women entrepreneurs and is co-creator of a premium quarterly magazine, SAVOR LIFE. 

She is a regular expert on MSNBC and her beauty brand has been featured in major media outlets such asThe New York TimesReal Simple, Cosmopolitan, Lucky Mag, Self, Allure, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and more.

She lives on the Upper West Side in New York City with her Swiss mountain-loving husband, Marc, six-year-old CEO, Sienna, and their yellow lab, Ella Fitzgerald. 


Manifest Method School is a virtual school. Videos are delivered LIVE for 8 weeks starting on Monday, October 26 at 1 PM EST. All videos are delivered to your inbox  so no matter your schedule you can listen in at any time and go at your own pace.

I had so much FUN planning my 5-year vision for the Manifest Method. This program is more than just manifesting goals. Angela’s method helps you to find clear actions and then take the steps needed to move you towards creating concrete results.
— Dawn Gluskin, Type-A Zen


Once you register for the Manifest Method, you get access to fun gifts and even a little surprise delivered to your doorstep! 

  • Lifetime access
    Once you’re in, you’re in! Students love revisiting their visions as they and their business evolve. 
  • Membership to an amazing community that includes Editors and Entrepreneurs! 
    Enjoy 8 weeks of Savor the Success Premium Membership with a community of amazing entrepreneurs and editors who are looking for experts and products to feature in their stories. 
  • Recorded videos you can listen to anytime
    Enjoy 8 weekly videos with Angela Jia Kim + Q&A and homework assignments. All calls are recorded so you can listen in at any time.
  • NEW students get a Rock the World ticket!
    This popular conference gathers women from around the world in New York City. Every year, this event has last minute standing-room-only tickets and is SOLD OUT! Get your bronze-level ticket on us! 
  • Surprise box delivered to your doorstep
    New students get our best-selling Daily Action Planner delivered to your doorstep!
  • Lunch with Angela
    Be entered into a drawing to win lunch with Angela at her favorite restaurant in New York City where she will privately mentor you and give you access to her Rolodex of contacts.
I am so incredibly grateful for the Savor community. Without it I have no idea how I would function! What would I do without all of the support, inspiration, education, and motivation that Savor gives? It’s a lifeline for us entrepreneurs!
— Rachel Mednick, Lucy & Leo

Schedule a complimentary call to see if Manifest Method is a fit for you! 


The Manifest Method School comes with our 100% LOVE Guarantee. If you do the homework assignments and still aren't feeling the love, you get your money back (minus the $150 admin fee.)

The Manifest Method dramatically changed the way I approached my business - it taught me to have tremendous clarity for my goals and it helped me to ACHIEVE them!
— Gretchen Zelek, DoD Fitness

Pay in full and *SAVE* $100 off the total price. School tuition: $997 paid in full (save $100) for one time charge of $897

Pay in 2 easy installments. 50% now and 50% in 30 days. School tuition: $997 paid in 2 installments of $498.50