The community is saying...

What Do I Get? 


  • Save time. Apply for daily opportunities that editors, bloggers, producers post on Savor. Many of our members have been trained in PR School, and major media and boutique bloggers come to us knowing they get top-notch experts and entrepreneurs with quality pitches. 

  • Gain credibility. With every press mention, you get more email subscribers, more fans, and more sales. 

  • Get access. Every morning, you receive fresh PR opportunities so you can start pitching and connecting! 

  • Save money. While most PR firms cost $3000+/month, you get direct access to the media for less than a bottled water a day.   
Through Savor’s PR opportunities, I was introduced to Tyra Banks for her new show, The Fab Life, and the producers have invited me to be a guest on the show two times. This is a dream come true!
— Amy Galland, Plume App
  • Grow your business. Get your All-Access Pass to the Savor Content Library. Want to amp up marketing, sales, branding? Accelerate your success by learning from our national experts. 
  • Be featured. When you become a member, you can be in the spotlight to teach others, too. Contact us to find out how. 
  • Get connected. Join our private forum where you will rub elbows with some of the most amazing women entrepreneurs around the world!

    Members must be approved into the network so you know you are connecting with the creme-de-la-creme! 
I love Savor and cannot thank you all enough for being such an inspiration in my life! Being in the Savor Circles holds me to a higher level and reach further than I would on my own, which is exactly why I love Savor so much!
— Lisa Stoy, Green Girl Bakeshop


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  • Be inspired. Every month, we host one of three events in NYC: a "Dream" 90-Day Vision Workshop, a "Do" Speaker's Series, or a "Savor" Wine + Dinner Gathering. 
  • Don't miss out! Can't make it to our LIVE in-person events? We capture the content and experience on video so you can grab a virtual seat! 
  • Craving more? Want to start a "Dream, Do, Savor" series in your neck of the woods? Contact us! 

    To right: Savor gathering for PR School Editors from Oprah Mag, Glamour,, New Yorker, and more. 


Who is Savor Premium Membership for? 

  • Entrepreneurs who want to get in the media and gain visibility
  • Connectors who want a lively community of other connectors 
  • Creators and makers who want to work smarter, not harder
  • Lifelong learners who invest in themselves

It is NOT for you if...

    • you are solely wanting to sell products to the community
    • you don't invest in building longterm connections
    • you are fishing for clients without building true relationships

    In our experience, members who thrive are those who believe in sisterhood and #givegiveget. That's the Savor woman. 

    Questions? Schedule a 1:1 call with our Concierge to learn more! 

    I am so incredibly grateful for the Savor community. Without it I have no idea how I would function! What would I do without all of the support, inspiration, education, and motivation that Savor gives? It’s a lifeline for us entrepreneurs!
    — Rachel Mednick, Lucy & Leo