The Presidents are not the Savor Circles coach; they treat Circles like their own mastermind within the Savor methodology. Below is a description of their "secret sauce".

If you are interested in joining a specific President's mastermind, indicate your preference in your application (optional).


7-Figure Circle Presidents


Angela Jia Kim, Savor Beauty

Angela's Circle is made up of business owners in the multiple-7-figure range with at least 20 employees. Must be committed to meeting in person once a quarter.

No current openings.


Laura Kelly, The Handwork Studio

Laura's Circle is made up of brick & mortars with services and products. They read one business book per quarter, text each other the next day's priorities, and attend Savor Life Summit every year. 

1 current opening. 


Diana Canto-Sims, Buena Vista Optical + La Vida Eyewear

Diana's Circle focuses on service and product-based businesses helping each other with employee resources and product offerings. This Circle is extremely savvy in HR and systems. 

1 current opening. 

6-Figure Circle Presidents


Betsy Helmuth, Affordable Interior Design

Betsy’s Circle is comprised of motivated and vulnerable 6-figure earners. We are up-leveling in visibility and revenue. Our strengths are PR and marketing. We love to share book recommendations, have weekly accountability hours, and invite outside experts to coach us on common goals.


Seema Alexander, Business Strategist

Seema's Circle is full of 6-figure pioneering product and service-based entrepreneurs who are in major growth mode. We help you get clear on your growth strategy from your brand to product development to funding (to more) and push you to get there. A 6-month Circle commitment is required.


Kim Shanahan, Gifts Fulfilled

Kim's million dollar mindset Circle is for women in the high six figures who want to scale past the million dollar mark. It takes guts to scale and this Circle is about supporting you through the ride. Recommended reading before joining: Traction: Get a Grip On Your Business. A one year Circle commitment is required to join Kim's circle.


Stacia Guzzo, Handcrafted HoneyBee

Stacia's Circle is made up of fiercely focused women with product-based, service-based, and brick & mortar businesses. Our aim is to support each other as we scale and grow, and our specialty is in wearing many hats as moms, ceos and creatives.


Jennifer Spivak, JS Digital Marketing

Jennifer’s Circle is made up of product and service based entrepreneurs who are making multiple six figures and who are ready to scale. We have a strong focus on automation and delegation, so we can make more money WITH EASE.


Sara Dunn,

Sara's Circle is full of 6-figure service-based business owners looking to scale. We focus on marketing, productivity, hiring, and new revenue streams. We are high-integrity and high-commitment, and we lean on eachother often through calls and texts.


Megan Fleming, MP Fleming Psychology

Megan’s Circle has multiple six-figure entrepreneurs committed to scaling their businesses with emotional intelli-gence, focusing on relationship building, engagement, writing, manufacturing, webinars and membership programs. 


Start-up Circle Presidents


Alice Labaton, My Makeup Brushes

Alice’s Circle is made up of business owners looking to propel their business to the next level. We are constantly challenging each other with thought provoking questions to help you build your business and move the needle forward.


Amy Hayes, The Global Creator

Amy's Circle blends creative visioning with practical productivity so we can dream big while doing the work. Always evolving, with a touch of woo, we support each other in turning our passions into profitable, beautiful brands.


Monica Dennis, On-Call Editing

Monica's Circle is the place to be if you're a business newbie or if you’re still getting a grip on the entrepreneurial reins. This patient Circle encourages texts out of the blue with squeals of success or sighs of frustration.


Cheryl Marks Young, Creative Blueprints

Cheryl's Circle is made up of business owners focusing on Reinvention to Renew and Refresh their businesses and themselves. We have established and new providers of products, books and services.


Jenny Moore, Jenny Moore Method

Jenny’s Circle is formed by ladies in product and service based industries. We focus on your business goals while incorporating the importance for emotional intelli-gence. We believe your personal life impacts your business life.


Rachel Mednick, Lucy & Leo

Rachel's Circle specializes in mostly product based businesses. We focus on manufacturing and sales with an emphasis on time management and getting stuff done! We love hopping on "Power Hour" calls for an extra boost of productivity each week.


Julie Kaminski, Coach + Trainer

Julie's Circle focuses on moving creative projects forward including writing projects and websites. We value honesty, accountability, and support. We also focus on the many roles we hold as women and advocate that happiness and success go hand in hand.


Kim Cornwell, Celadon Road

Kim's Circle is made up of highly-experienced and highly-supportive career professionals who are launching and growing their existing product and service-based businesses with passion and a deep interest in personal development, life balance and emotional health.


Sara Blette, Make My Notebook

Sara's Circle is made up of a blend of product and service based businesses with a creative spin and altruistic missions. We specialize in design, marketing strategy, partnerships and growing your wealth, with an emphasis on work-life balance. 


Jennifer Peek, Peek Valuations

Jennifer's Circle is made up of 6-figure service and product-based business owners looking to scale. We focus on marketing, productivity, hiring, and new revenue streams while helping each other balance the many roles we play in and out of our businesses.  


Roylin Downs, Trystology

Roylin's Circle has service-based professionals ready for the next chapter in their businesses and lives. Find your next steps with us!