What is Savor Success Circles? 
Savor Success Circles is a private community that uses a proven method of receiving high-level support, accountability, and masterminding with like-minded women entrepreneurs who “get” each other.

  • Pods of up to 6 women who work together to achieve 90-Day Visions 
  • Virtual workshop to create 90-Day Visions
  • Each Circle has two monthly masterminds
  • There are Monday and Friday motivational checkins to help each Circle to support each other
  • Guerilla Work Sessions are set by Circle Presidents for inspired action
The Savor Circles connected me to the most amazing group of women I could have ever hoped for, infusing ME with fresh inspiration and motivation for my business and for my life.
— Alyssa Snow, MindBodySoul Yoga


Who is Savor Circles for? Women in business from startup to 8 figures (we match you according to revenue + chemistry!) 

  • Believe in Savor's "Give, Give, Get" philosophy (by giving support, knowledge, and connections, you succeed faster - together)
  • Have proven success in business (from startup to 8 figures - we match you to a Circle accordingly)
  • Are committed to working in a team to reach benchmarks of success - together
  • Can commit for 90 days to checking in via our Virtual Cafes every Monday and Friday
  • Have an exciting 90-Day project to work on
I got my PBS film DONE through the power of my Circle! This program is so motivational and GAME-CHANGING for my business!
— Nel Shelby, Filmmaker

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Where do Circles meet? 

Savor Success Circles is a virtual experience so that women from New York City to Paris to Melbourne can connect with one passion in mind: to help each other succeed in business and in life. 

  • Meet virtually via video in a private "Virtual Cafe" to mastermind two times/month
  • While Circles set their own times, we highly encourage you to meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday after our Lunch & Learn Series (12 PM EST)
  • Connect with all Savor Circle members in a private
    Facebook group
To say I LOVE Savor and my Circle is putting it mildly. It has completely changed my life and my business. I would not be moving forward doing ANY of the things I am doing with my business if it were not for Savor!
— Terri Kelly, terrikelly flip flops - Yoga Pants for Your Feet (TM)



When can I join Circles? 

Savor Circles runs in 90-day increments.

Winter 2016: February 1, 2016.
Spring 2016: May 2, 2016.
Summer 2016: August 1, 2016.
Fall 2016: October 31, 2016.

Circle members are allowed to invite other women entrepreneurs into the community based on merit. 

I am so incredibly grateful for the Savor community. Without it I have no idea how I would function! What would I do without all of the support, inspiration, education, and motivation that Savor gives? It’s a lifeline for us entrepreneurs!
— Rachel Mednick, Lucy & Leo



Why was Savor Circles created? 

The philosophy of Savor Success Circles is similar to a Tennis Club:  

In order to improve your game, you must play with teammates that can hit the ball back just as hard (if not harder) as you so you can grow. 

It is also the solution to the isolation and overwhelm many women entrepreneurs feel.

Savor Success Circles is a team productivity tool, a lifeline for support, and a fun way to succeed - together! 

I love Savor and cannot thank you all enough for being such an inspiration in my life! Being in the Savor Circles holds me to a higher level and reach further than I would on my own, which is exactly why I love Savor so much!
— Lisa Stoy, Green Girl Bakeshop

Schedule a complimentary call to see if Circles is a fit for you! 


How are Circles matched together and what is the process? 

You will be matched according to business experience, revenue, and common interest through three rounds of selection: 

Round I: Application Fee

There is a $149 non-refundable* Application Fee. Our team considers each application carefully in a week-long process to ensure that you are paired with quality women who can really help you fly.

You will have input on the women you feel would be the best match for you before your circle is announced.

*IF you receive an email saying that we did not find a match for you, then your Application Fee will be refunded.

Round 2:
Your Interview

Once your application is received and if we feel that we can fit you in a Circle, we’ll contact you to schedule your interview.

Please note that due to the number of applications we receive and the quality of Circles we match, we generally cannot accept all of the women who apply.

We highly encourage you to re-apply if we cannot find the right fit for you. This does not mean that we will not be able to find the right fit for you in the future! 

Round 3:
Match Day!

Finalists advance into the matching process. While not guaranteed, all applicants will have the opportunity to request the type of entrepreneurs they would like to be in a Circle with. 

If admitted into the program, the investment is as follows: 

Success Circles: $197/month
6-Figure Circles: $247/month
7-Figure Circles: $297/month

A minimum three-month commitment is required. 


Accelerate your goals in 90 days:

Meet Our Circle Presidents... 

Each Circle is led by an experienced member, the Circle President. Circle Presidents are invited into a very special President's Club program where they can mastermind and learn business + leadership skills from founder Angela Jia Kim. It's an exciting journey of sisterhood, inspiration, and growth. 


Apply for Savor Success Circles TODAY!

The next round of Circles begins October 31, 2016. 

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