• Virtual masterminds of 4-6 women matched based on revenue and like-minded goals. 
  • Weekly virtual check-ins with business lessons from founder Angela Jia Kim to get rich content and engage with your Circle to give/get feedback. 
  • Partner Calls + Video Masterminds to access the braintrust and rolodex of high-level women for mutual win/win.
The focus of this particular women’s network is accountability. Join a [Savor] Circle and push each other to achieve through meeting benchmarks—together.
— Forbes


When I first launched Savor Beauty, my organic skincare line, I craved a posse of smart and savvy women who learned from and lifted each other up. So I created the 7-Figure Club in 2009, and many of us are still together today.

I wanted to bottle this up and give thousands of other women the opportunity to mastermind within a structured method to stimulate, inspire and give a kick in the ass. 

I dare you to give and get support so you can fly higher than you ever imagined.
— Angela Jia Kim, Savor founder


  • Are you a 5-6-7-8 figure majority woman-business owner? We match you accordingly. 
  • Or are you a Startup with major potential?  Applicants are considered on a case-by-case basis. (After all, we all started at $0 at one point; commitment is what matters!)
  • Do you believe in "Give, Give, Get"? When you teach and give to others, you breathe life into yourself. 
  • Do you feel lonely "at the top" and crave support from other high-powered women?

If you answered Yes to the above questions, you are likely to thrive in Savor Circles. 

I don’t have other high-end businesswomen friends in my country town that I live in. It is nice to have contact with other women who are in the same boat as me, but also stretch me. This experience has been priceless!
— Elizabeth, Founder of Doodlebug Dog Walker, LLC


  • Mastermind via video in a private "Virtual Cafe" that's just for your Circle.
  • Check-ins are forum-style for weekly co-learning, accountability, and building relationships. 
  • Connect with all Savor Circle members in a private Facebook group.
  • Attend a Savor event in New York City together! All Circle members are welcome, free of charge.
  • Annual gathering at the Savor Life Summit to connect, learn and refresh at a business + spa retreat. 
My Savor Circle came right out of the gate with incredible feedback and insights on our very first call. Within the first month of working together, I graduated from being a one-woman branding expert to CEO of a full-service branding and marketing agency with a team.
— Brandi, Founder of Hum Creative


Step 1: Application

Complete your application to be considered. $149 Application Fee, refunded if we cannot find a match. 

Step 2: The Interview

The match team handpicks candidates to invite for an interview. It's an opportunity for us to get to know you and your business.

Step 3: Match Day!

Matching begins with a Drafting process by Savor Circle Presidents + Savor HQ. Learn more in FAQ.

I founded and grew the Kohana Coffee brand from $400K to over $100M while being in Circles. I learn from the comments of others in the checkins and help others with all of my heart. I consider this my Harvard MBA.
— Victoria, Founder of Kohana Coffee and Alliance Abroad Group


Savor Success Circles runs in 90-day increments. Applications close two weeks before the start of a round.

July 30, 2018
Apply by: July 15

Oct. 29, 2018
Apply by: Oct 14

Jan. 28, 2019
Apply by: Jan. 13

April 29, 2019
Apply by: April 14

Savor Circles attracts the smartest and most amazing women of high caliber. Thanks to Circles and the brilliant women, I’m kicking butt and taking names. I’m closing the year 13% up from last year. Thank you!
— Lilly, Founder and CEO of Lilly Ferrick, LLC


Success Circles: $197/month
6-Figure Circles: $247/month
7-Figure Circles: $297/month

A minimum three-month commitment is required. There is a $149 application fee. 

A word of wisdom - You get back what you put out. If you are on the fence about joining, DO IT. I made back 14 TIMES of additional PROFIT what the investment is and can’t rave enough about this wonderful program!
— Elizabeth, Founder of Doodlebug Dog Walker, LLC

Through my Circle I saw my products launch at Anthropologie... I never had the guts to dream that big. I now have two other large stores on point to launch us in May. I am totally prepared and excited at the prospect. My company growth in web sales tripled all with spending less on advertising and my finances of the company are in the best place they have ever been.
— Cynthia, Founder and CEO of Violets are Blue Skincare


What is Savor Circles in a nutshell?
It's a mastermind of 3-6 women led by a Savor Circle President. Presidents get to choose who is in their mastermind with the guidance of Savor HQ and Angela Jia Kim. 

How many members are in a Circle? 
Each mastermind Circle has 3-6 women. We have found this to be the perfect number for masterminding on an intimate level. 

What is expected of me and what Circle Member perks to do I get? 

  • Weekly checkins on Mondays/Fridays and commenting on each other's postings
  • 2 virtual group mastermind calls per month
  • 2 partner calls per month
  • Optional member perk: National Open Office Hours (1 per month) with Angela Jia Kim
  • Private Facebook Group (exclusively for the Savor community)

What other Circle Member perks can I take advantage of? 
In addition to your Circle, you get access to over $1000 worth of resources each month from Savor the Success with a complimentary Premium Membership: 

  • PR Opportunities: Our daily PR Opps can land you national exposure in magazines and more! ($500+ Monthly Value)
  • Video Library: You'll access hundreds of videos from experts who can teach you secrets from marketing to sales, PR to social media! ($500+ Monthly Value)
  • Monthly Live Events ($195 Quarterly Value)
  • Opportunities for National Exposure: We feature our members’ successes to over 100,000 followers, press, and fellow entrepreneurs in newsletters and social media. 

How am I matched into a Circle? 
Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. We divide you up according to revenue (startup, 6/7/8 figures) and set up your 1-on-1 interview, which is recorded.
  2. We send your recorded video and 101 about you to the Circle Presidents. 
  3. We host a Draft (kind of like the NFL Draft) with the Circle Presidents. After consulting with their Circle members, they come to the Draft with their first picks. 
  4. Savor HQ matches accordingly to the President's choices and you are notified. 
  5. You are also invited to attend a National Meet + Greet, where you will meet other fabulous women across the nation!

How much is Angela involved? 
Angela leads the Virtual Checkins every Monday and Friday. She reveals confidential ups and downs in her own business, and many members say that her motivational messages are worth the investment alone.

She also hosts a monthly National Open Office for Circle members to help with any business challenge you are having. She leads the President's Mastermind twice a month. 

Angela is passionate about teaching, and time permitting, she hosts getaway retreats at one of her spas. Circle members may upgrade for this experience and, of course, she and co-visionary Sara Blette host the popular Savor Life Summit in the fall every year. 

What does being a President entail and how can I become one? 
Becoming a President is by-invitation only. Future Presidents are nominated by a current President and invited into Angela's private mastermind. Your membership fee is gifted for as long as you are President. As President, your Circle becomes your mastermind.

We expect you to create your Dream Mastermind using the tried-and-true methods we have built over the past seven years and to make sure your Circle members are living up to our "Give, Give, Get" standards. It's an exciting journey of sisterhood, inspiration, and growth.  

How much time is involved? 
Studies have shown that successful CEOs invest 1-3 hours per day in their self development. Estimate approximately 2-3 hours per week for self reflection, masterminding and supporting each other. 

Just like any other investment in relationships and self/business growth, you get what you put in.

How long is the program? 
Savor Circles goes in 90-day increments. We encourage you to stick to a Circle for at least two rounds because it takes at least that amount of time before you get into the groove. 

We've had many members who have been with us since its early incubator-inception in 2009. 

What is the investment? 

Application Fee: $149
Success Circles: $197/month
6-Figure Circles: $247/month
7-Figure Circles: $297/month
Wait, most programs are around $10K. Why is this so reasonably priced? 
We've worked hard to price the program at a range that many women can access via our global network so that we can share the systems that 7-Figure Club members used to build their million-dollar businesses.

While we understand that most programs of this caliber cost must more, by mentoring and sponsoring our Circles Presidents’ program we hope to foster a community of Give, Give, Getting and nurturing women entrepreneurs who lift one another up. 
Does it matter where I live? 
No! This is an online program that was designed for the busy entrepreneur to access from anywhere. Circles that have been together can choose to attend one-day retreats together. 

When does the next program actually start? 
You’ll get matched to a Circle by Friday, January 26, and your orientation week will begin on Monday, January 29. The program runs for 90 days.
When do my group calls happen? 
Your group will determine the schedule that works best for everyone, and you will stick to a set schedule to respect everyone’s time and investment in the program. 

How do I get started?
Complete your application for the opportunity to join these incredible entrepreneurs and accomplish a major goal in the next 90 days. Once the match team reviews your application, we will invite you to an interview.

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