GAME CHANGER... incredible exposure to ideas, people and strategies!
— Nicole McGuffin, Founder of Amazing Brains
The 7 Figure Club has exceeded my wildest expectations. As the owner of a multi-million dollar organization, surrounding myself with the business acumen and caliber this club brings has been life-changing. And thanks to the 7FC, I was featured in a major spread on mentorship in Real Simple magazine. This experience is priceless.
— Traci Bild, Founder Bild & Co. + Get Your Girl Back

Karen started Manifest Method School in February with a 90-Day Vision to design, systemize, plan, and market a summer dance program for children ages 3-5. Now three months later, Karen accomplished EVERYTHING in her 90-Day Vision! Her program went live on May 2 and received immediate sign ups. Congratulations, Karen!

What will she do next? In Karen's words: “I am so excited and ready for the next 90 days! I am even revisiting Manifest Method School and my homework to remind me of my goals and vision. I use my Daily Action Planner religiously and I attribute the success of finishing my summer program to the planner. It keeps me organized and on track!”

- Karen Kern, Karen's School of Dance

I have been meaning to e-mail you for a few weeks now. I can’t believe that Savor has been right at my finger tips for years and I had no idea how special it truly is. I have had a pretty life changing experience. Now I have Savor women rooting me on to get my goals done each week on my film. I am on the road and so grateful. It’s given me a true kick in the a**.

I just wanted to share this with you and say thank you! You have created something very accessible and special.
— Nel Shelby, Filmmaker
I’ve spent thousands on mentorships and masterminds but this was the first group that showed me the critical importance of getting comfortable being uncomfortable. My business and personal success has completely up-leveled as a result. To set and achieve goals alongside some of the most creative, high-level women entrepreneurs was like having my own top-notch board of advisors. One of the best investments I have made in my business... thank you Savor!
— Lindsay Vastola, Founder of Body Project
Got into my first Whole Foods store!
— Lisa Stoy
Because of my Circles and their support, I have been able to increase my income by 18% and my active network and visibility by more than 40%. I have been encouraged and supported to have more positive challenge conversations and be a better connector of people which has led to several new PR opportunities, improved fundraising results of 20% and 2 new Board opportunities.
— Cheryl Marks Young
I launched a new website, a new podcast, booked international and national workshops, and booked a regular Huffington Post gig, and received press coverage in specialist publications. The encouragement, company and accountability of my Circle has been a critical part of each step on the journey. I’m a huge advocate of Savor Circles for any woman on the entrepreneurship journey.
— Liana Downey
Yes, I was able to get my podcast started and I hit iTunes new and noteworthy in the 2nd week. My circle was so helpful w/ feedback and encouragement during the entire process.
— Phyllis Nichols
The accountability of my Savor Circle helped me create a signature system, which boosted my confidence and helped me get 8 new coaching clients in 2 weeks.
— Rebecca Smith
We [my Circle sisters] can all check off a long list of PR hits, increased sales, retail debuts, and growth, but the greatest success is in the amazing dedication we have to each other. We are each other’s strategy teams, research and development, and emotional touchstones. The success is in the relationships and collective goal of pushing each other to be our best!
— Amy Whitman
I would not be moving forward doing ANY of the things I am doing with my business if it were not for Savor. Since joining, I feel like I am working with a team and no longer alone.
— Terri Kelly, Founder of Terri Kelly Flip Flops
I want to express my HUGE gratitude for what you have created. Joining the Manifest Method not only connected me with the most amazing network of women (which took away my loneliness) - but it infused ME with fresh inspiration and motivation for my business and for my life. The Savor Circles connected me to the most amazing group of women I could have ever hoped for. With such deep appreciation and gratitude!
— Alyssa Snow, MindBodySoulYoga
I have a draft of a book I’ve been writing in 90 days! How gratifying to see it take shape, after several years of writing pieces of it.
— Margaret H. Wagner
The accountability factor and support from circle members is priceless!
— Christine King
I (finally) took the exams and got certified to be a group fitness instructor. The accountability to my circle sisters was the impetus.
— Gretchen Zelek
Despite some major trouble with my business space issue, in the past 6 months I was able to complete 4 different advance certifications while boosting my business revenue by at least 50% and maintaining my sanity (sort of) because of my Savor Sisters’ support and guidance.
— Nara Yoon
Thanks to my Savor Circle, last round I launched our own Small Business Marketing Community! It’s a monthly newsletter and Facebook group centered around effective small business digital marketing.
— Sara Dunn